And Now Presenting:*Jo'el* The Future of Reality Television

Welcome to JO'ELYWOOD!....the place where dreams really do come true. For Jo'el Alvarado a dream really is a wish the heart makes. Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana,  Jo'el always had dreams that seemed bigger than he was. His family and friends thought he was different because he did not see for himself the career options that were available to the people of his hometown. He always felt like he was destined for a life working in entertainment. It was as though it was not chosen by him but by something even greater. Growing up, Jo'el had a hard life. Raised by a loving single mother, Sandra Oliva, they both struggled to survive the aftermath of a broken family. He has seen the days of only having 47 cents to his name. He has experienced what it is to spend harsh winters living in a 1991 Ford Pickup. These true events and more have given Jo'el the makings and the urge to sing what else...but country music and to be a T.V. Personality the public would watch and support. There are more unfortunate building blocks that are a part of  this aspiring star...but we will save that for his autobiography that will be published in the future and available at your local Barnes and Nobles. Jo'el has spent his life in darkness and is ready to be blinded by the bright lights that surround his name

"Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let
argue over small things,
but not you. Let others cry over small
hurts, but
not you. Let others leave
their future in someone else's
hands, but not